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Hip Replacment Surgery in Chennai

If you Want to know the functionality of the artificial joint, visit us at Sunway hospital, and our Best Hip Replacement doctors / Surgons will guide you.

Your hip joints can be damaged or restrict your movements if you have undergone a traumatic injury or have arthritic conditions. Keep in mind that your hip joint is the one that is responsible for keeping your posture upright and allow you to function. Over time, it can become weak and wear off completely, Your hip joints wear off earlier than other parts of the body, resulting in causing your hips to ache and confining your mobility. The Best Hip Replacement Surgeons in Chennai will explain everything in detail while you have visited to get your consultation done.

Hip Replacement Surgery Outline :

The procedure involving removal and replacement of the hip joint’s damaged area is known as hip arthroplasty or hip replacement surgery. In hip replacement surgery/arthroplasty, a prosthesis is put, which works as the natural joint.

A hip replacement surgery/ arthroplasty :

requirement arises when the entire hip joint starts to decay to a point where it cannot function anymore. There are various types of replacement surgeries. The Best Surgeon For Partial Hip Replacement in Chennai will explain everything in detail while you have visited to get your consultation done.

Top Hip Replacement Surgeon in Chennai :

Orthopedic Doctors in Chennai will guide you throughout, but listed below points will explain the common types of surgeries that will take place at the Best Hip Replacement Hospital in Chennai by the Best Orthopedic Surgeon for Hip Replacement.

Primary or total hip replacement: 

 In this procedure, the surgeon will replace the complete or one side of the hip joint, for Partial Hip Replacement Surgery Cost at Top Partial Hip Replacement Hospital in Chennai visit us.

Hip replacement (complex):

This surgery is done for people suffering from muscular conditions or who are obese. Complex hip replacement surgery is also done when the said person goes through various forms of neurological bone deformities.

Revision hip replacement

This surgery is a corrective surgery when the earlier prosthesis has worn off of the previous surgery didn’t go well. But don’t worry, this will not happen to you if you are consulting the Best Hip Replacement Hospital in Chennai, i.e., Sunway hospital.

Total Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in Chennai :

 visit us, and we will explain everything to you. Keep in mind that a hip replacement surgery will allow you to get back to your normal routine and relieve you from pain and allow with the normal range of motions.

Our doctors are the best hip replacement surgeon in Chennai at Sunway  Medical Center, and their assessment will put you at ease and tell you the condition of your hips so that your hip replacement surgery can be performed.


Best Hip replacment Surgeons in Chennai


Dr.Madhan Mohan Reddy

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

Senior Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Chennai


Dr Karthik Reddy Pammi

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

MBBS , MS (Ortho) , Fellow in Arthroscopy ( germany )