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ACL Surgery in Chennai

Sunways Hospital is known to be the  Best Hospital for ACL Reconstruction / ACL Surgery in Chennai because Our Best Orthopedic Doctor in Chennai will design the course of action as per the needs of the patient to recover fully. Contact us to know the ACL surgery cost in Chennai

What is ACL Surgery ?

Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction Surgery

An ACL tear or injury can be treated depending upon the needs and the condition of the patient and relies on the type of the tea, the presence of the concomitant injury, functional demands of the patients.

Non-surgical treatment of ACL Tear :

The majority of the ACL can be managed by non-operative methods, provided the patient to understand the pros and cons of their injury. They should also understand the conservative treatment option and their determination in performing the exercise and a rehabilitation programme.

ACL Surgical Treatment :

In some ACL cases, the doctor will recommend surgery to achieve the full functioning of the knee. The surgery decision depends upon various factors like how severe the injury is, the type of tear it is and the activity level of the person who is hurt

ACL Rebuilding or ACL Reconstruction :

Few of the ACL tears can be repaired directly, which is also with the help of an augmentation device placed as a scaffold. But sadly, the majority of the ACL tears cant be restored. So to restore them and bring back the knee stability, the doctors reconstruct the ligament. The Best ACL Reconstruction Surgery Doctors in Chennai will replace the torn ligament with a tissue graft. This graft will work as the scaffolding fr the new ligament and provide stability.

ACL Surgery Procedure : 

The surgery of rebuilding the ACL is performed by arthroscopy. The doctor will make small incisions and operate; it is a minimally invasive surgery, so no large cuts are made.

ACL Rehabilitation Programme :

Rehabilitation programmes play a major role in putting the patient back to their daily activities, whether the patient underwent surgery or not. A physical therapy at Sunway Hospitals  helps the patient to regain knee strength and motion. 


Best ACL Surgeons in Chennai


Dr.Madhan Mohan Reddy

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

Senior Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Chennai


Dr Karthik Reddy Pammi

MBBS, MS(Ortho), MD(France), FRCS(UK)

MBBS , MS (Ortho) , Fellow in Arthroscopy ( germany )